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We were recently approached by McCains Food in Scarborough to produce a new portfolio of images to be used both internally and externally to enhance their image around their communications. 
When we first started to work up the brief, the problem was obvious. We did a review of existing image resources that were being used and we found the image library had been cobbled together from a whole bunch of different sources - from social media screen grabs, to images inherited by new colleagues from old work positions - even through to some selfies thrown in there for good measure!. 
It was clear that McCain needed to get some order to their media library and that’s where we came in. 
We proposed new headshots for the senior leadership team both formal and informal and then some general content around office lifestyle. The McCain Customer Experience Centre has recently undergone an extensive refit so we knew we would be able to get some great shots. 
We also happened to book the content session day to coincide with McCain’s quarterly global ‘town hall’ meeting and we knew this would give us some great opportunities to produce some compelling images. 
We had a great day working with McCain - it was fantastic to be able to provide a set of images that really drills down on the company’s culture and when this type of photography works - it provides a myriad of benefits such as the following:- 


Professional commercial photography can communicate authenticity and transparency, which are highly valued by today's consumers. When customers see genuine, unfiltered images of your workplace and employees, they are more likely to trust your brand. This trust can lead to stronger customer loyalty and a positive reputation in your industry. 


In a competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent is crucial. High-quality photographs that showcase your company's unique culture can help in this regard. Potential employees want to know what it's like to work for your company. Images of happy and engaged employees can make your organisation more appealing to job seekers. 


Involve your employees in the photography process. When employees feel their work and contributions are valued, their engagement and satisfaction levels rise. A professional photographer can capture candid moments of teamwork, collaboration, and innovation, reflecting a vibrant and positive work environment. 


Professional commercial photography ensures that your brand image remains consistent across all marketing materials. Cohesive visuals convey professionalism and attention to detail, making your brand instantly recognisable and memorable. 


A picture is worth a thousand words. Professional photographs can tell your company's story more effectively than words alone. They can convey the history, values, and aspirations of your business, connecting with your audience on a deeper emotional level. 


Investing in professional photography provides you with a treasure trove of versatile marketing assets. You can use these images in various ways, from your website and social media profiles to brochures, presentations, and advertising campaigns. The investment pays off in the long run as you repurpose these visuals across multiple platforms. 


In a crowded marketplace, the businesses that stand out often thrive. Professional commercial photography can give you a distinct advantage over competitors who rely on generic stock images or subpar visuals. It's an investment that can set your company apart from the rest. 


High-quality, original images can boost your online presence. Search engines value original content, and compelling images can lead to higher click-through rates, increased time spent on your website, and improved search engine rankings. 
McCain’s investment in professional photography will reap all of these benefits for them as they set the images to work both internally and externally. The communications team’s job instantly becomes easier when they have a codified set of images to work with and this really does help drive the bus9ness forwards in many ways. 


If you are looking to engage with a modern, creative and multi-modal content creator to help with your next project, we’d love to have a cuppa with you to see how we might be able to help! Don’t be shy – contact us to find out more! 
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