Are you camera shy? 
We get lots of customers who need professional pictures who worry about being camera shy. Our photographers know that if you haven’t been in front of the camera very often or at all, it can make you feel a little uncomfortable. At Insight we understand this and we ensure that you, not only have the best image but that you feel comfortable as well. After all, we are capturing you so the most important thing is that you are happy. We make sure that your true personality shines through in your pictures. 
Some people feel out their comfort zone in front of the camera and lights. They may be self-conscious about the way they look. Let’s be honest, we’ve all got things about our external appearance that we may not like. But, when someone looks at your website for business purposes, how you look isn’t usually their prime concern. Although, it is often the first thing they will see, it’s the information you have to share. Focus on the value of your message, and others will too. 
Obviously in any business, appearance is still really important. External appearance should be smart, professional and appropriate to your industry and client base. But, it’s more important to always remember the message you are trying to send out. 
Insight Photography know the difference will show in your pictures when we help you loosen up and feel comfortable. That’s when you really let your personality shine through. 
Goodbye, camera shy! 
Insight Photography do everything we can to ensure you are relaxed and ready for your close up. 
We make meeting with us so friendly and approachable to show you that there is nothing to be camera shy about! An image can show a lot about someone and Insight are here to make the most of your time in front of the camera. We’ll fill you with as much confidence as can to capture the best possible you for your pictures. What have you got to lose? 
We guide and ease you into what angle would look best. All you have to do is be yourself and we’re sure you’re pretty good at doing that, right? We’re here to do all the rest! 
At Insight, we always take on board feedback and comments from our clients. Lots of our clients tell us how comfortable they feel when working with us which we love. Making customers relax and enjoy their session is something that’s very important to us. 
From the images in this blog, we’re sure you can see how being comfortable can make all the difference. When you stop being camera shy, you let your personality show and your pictures are much better for it. 

Get in touch 

So, if you need those head-shots re-refreshing but have been putting it off because you’re camera shy, fear no more! We’re here to put you at ease and get you some incredible images. Just take a look at our impressive business portraits. 
If you want to know more about working with Insight, and how we can help you, give us a call on 0800 542 0611. Or, you can drop us a message online. 
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