Client care and exceptional service is at the heart of everything we do at Insight Photography and that all starts with the way we communicate with you. 

Our Process 

1. Initial Enquiry 
2. Prompt Response 
3. Arrange Discovery Call to take Brief 
4. Issue Quote with Standard Terms 
5. Quote Accepted 
6. Planning Phase Begins 
When you first make an enquiry for your next commercial photography project, you can expect a prompt and enthusiastic response from us – we have 2 ears and one mouth and like to use them in that proportion! 
At this stage, It’s really important that we understand how we can help you best so the next steps would usually be to arrange a quick call to take a brief from you. 
If you’ve never worked on a brief before, here’s a link to another article we have written to help you understand the process and it’s a worthwhile process at that!  
From that brief, we will then be able to issue a quote for the work that we will hopefully be doing for you and get everything into a concrete form – we believe in 100% transparency so documenting all of our arrangements and agreements is a really important part of the process. 
Assuming you are happy with the quote and our standard terms and conditions of work we would then move into a planning phase where all resources are aligned and a date agreed for your shoot. 

The Pricing Structure 

We believe in 100% transparency with regards to how we charge for our services. A quote will be issued for all projects and we will never amend a quote without express agreement from you, our client. 
Our pricing structure for general photography is based around 3 general brackets of service. 
Full Day – Up to 7 hours of Attendance - £750 
Half Day – Up to 4 Hours of Attendance £450 
Hourly Rate – Only available at our discretion for small requirements (£175 for first hour, £75 for additional hours) 
All our rates are ‘plus’ VAT 

What do you get for your investment? 

Our time to take your photographs – your costs are based on how long it takes us to shoot your images 
Project management – all meetings and site visits (where necessary) are included 
The photographs taken – we don’t hold any back and charge for additional shots later – all usable images will be included. 
Our expertise/creative experience. 
Our time to process your images – they will be cropped, edited for colour balance, basic sharpening and, as necessary, corrected for geometry – and in general it takes (at least) as long to process/edit your images as it does to take them – this is known as ‘basic post production’ 
Supply of your high-resolution images – delivered through our secure client portal. 
Retouch/advanced post production – if your project requires post production outside of the scope of basic post production, we can advise on best approach. We have 20 years experience in photoshop and can make most aspirations a reality. We charge £75/hour for advanced post production and always agree any additional fees in advance. 
A license/the right to use your images – we do not normally place any time restrictions on how long you can use the images or how many times you use them, BUT there may be restrictions on HOW you use them and these will be detailed in your quote (this restriction usually only applies to large scale, world-wide, non-web advertising campaigns). If you want to distribute the images we make for you to a third party, we are more than happy to discuss extending your basic licence to allow this. 
Public Liability Insurance up to £5 million 

What isn’t included? 

We may incur general expenses when working on your project, these will be added to your final invoice but will be agreed ahead, these may include: 
Mileage – charged at £0.49/Mile. 
Travel Time – if a site is more than 1 hour away from our base in East Yorkshire, we may charge a travel expense of £75/hour. We are happy to travel within the UK for you but we cannot work for another client whilst we are driving hence this standard charge – these fees are always discussed ahead and agreed beforehand. 
Tolls/parking - self explanatory. 
Hotels – where an overnight stay is required, we would make the booking and invoice this expense. Travelodge/Premier Inn are our usual choices to keep expenses as low as possible. 
Advanced Post Production/Retouching – please see above. 
Assistant – most jobs will only require our principle photographer, where an assistant or second photographer is required, we will quote and get your agreement. 
"I commissioned Andy for headshots for our directors and operations team at Just Car Clinics and National Accident Repair Group and I cannot recommend him highly enough. 
The process from start to finish was seamless. Communications were prompt and precise with a clear quote in place before we agreed terms. 
Insight were really easy to work with and we had 100% trust in the whole process." 
Jenny Anderson 
Marketing Director – Just Car Clinics 
If you would like to talk through pricing for an upcoming project, I’d love to hear from you – email me or call 07771 726 156 
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