In the world of commercial photography, the advent of drone technology has revolutionized the way professionals capture captivating visuals. Drones have become an essential tool, providing photographers with unprecedented perspectives and unlocking a realm of creative possibilities. 
In this blog, we will explore the numerous benefits of how we incorporate drones into our commercial photography assignments 

Aerial Perspectives and Unique Angles 

One of the most remarkable advantages of using drones in commercial photography is the ability to capture aerial perspectives and unique angles. Traditionally, photographers were limited to ground-level shots, but drones offer a bird's-eye view of the world. This opens up endless opportunities for breath - taking compositions, showcasing landscapes, architecture, and events from previously unattainable angles. Aerial shots provide a sense of grandeur, allowing businesses to highlight their locations, products, or events in a visually captivating manner, ultimately making a stronger impact on their audience. 

Cost-Effective Alternative 

Drones offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional aerial photography methods. In the past, capturing aerial shots required renting helicopters or airplanes, along with skilled pilots and photographers. This process was not only expensive but also time-consuming. With drones, however, photographers can achieve similar results at a fraction of the cost. The accessibility of drones makes aerial photography more affordable for businesses of all sizes, enabling them to enhance their visual content without breaking the bank. 

Increased Efficiency and Flexibility 

The nimble nature of drones greatly enhances the efficiency and flexibility of commercial photography assignments. Drones can swiftly maneuver through various environments, adapting to dynamic shooting conditions. They allow photographers to capture images from multiple angles and heights within a short span of time, providing an array of options for clients. This increased efficiency translates into quicker turnaround times and more streamlined workflows, ensuring businesses receive their desired visual content promptly. 

Enhanced Safety and Reduced Risk 

Certain photography assignments, such as capturing images in hazardous or inaccessible locations, can pose risks to photographers. Drones eliminate the need for human presence in such environments, reducing the potential for accidents or injuries. They can navigate through tight spaces, over rough terrains, or above hazardous are as, mitigating risks associated with traditional photography methods. The enhanced safety provided by drones allows photographers to confidently undertake challenging assignments and deliver exceptional results without compromising their well-being. 

Cutting-Edge Technological Capabilities 

Drones are equipped with advanced technological features that augment the quality and versatility of commercial photography. High-resolution cameras, stabilizing gimbals, and intelligent flight modes enable photographer s to capture stunning visuals with precision and clarity. Moreover, the integration of GPS and mapping technology facilitates precise positioning and repeatable flight paths, ensuring consistent results. 
These cutting-edge capabilities empower photographers to push creative boundaries and deliver visually impactful content that captivates audiences. 


Since we became licenced to fly commercial operations over 6 years ago, drones have emerged as indispensable tools for capturing extraordinary visuals in our business. Their ability to provide aerial perspectives, cost-effective alternatives, increased efficiency, enhanced safety, and cutting-edge technological capabilities has transformed our work. By incorporating drones into our commissions, we can now deliver unparalleled results that captivate audiences and elevate businesses to new heights. Embracing this technology is essential for staying at the forefront of the commercial photography landscape, pushing boundaries, and unlocking new possibilities. 
If you have a project where you might be considering a drone perspective, please do drop us a line – our years of experience will be here on - hand to help! 
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