Head shots are an important tool for people such as actors. A well taken head shot can make all the difference between an actor bring chosen for an audition or being left having to spend even more valuable time in a desperate search for work. As they are so important it is crucial that you choose the best possible photographer to take the picture. Jo (left) approached Insight to provide her with her first headshots. Now that she has graduated from her BA in Performing Arts she’ll be using the shot to market herself to agencies and directors. 
A good photographer may well take several different shots. You’ll have changes of hairstyle, expression, and various looks from serious to a more relaxed pose. This is essential for an actor seeking impress producers theatrical directors with their ability to play different roles. Extras such as hairstyling may add to the cost of your head shot, but it will be money well spent if it helps you receive work. 
Choosing your photographer 
Having decided that you need to have a photo taken, the next task is to choose your photographer. There are many photographers out there but you will need to find the ideal one for you. This can be done by searching on the web for photographic agency websites, or via personal referrals from fellow actors. 
When visiting a photographer’s website it is advisable that you seek out those who specialize in head shots. After all, some photographers may produce excellent wedding pictures, others may be skillful sports snappers. Not every photographer is top class at everything. Having identified someone who you believe is capable of excellent work, take a look at his or her portfolio. Does this confirm that this is the man or woman to do the job for you? 
Your fellow actors may also be able to advise you of the best photographers. Even if a photographer comes specially recommended to you, you should still do your research. Find out what he has to offer on his website before making an approach. 
Asking the right questions 
Having decided which photographer you want to use, the next task is to make contact with them. When you meet, make sure you know what questions you want to ask. Find out about their rates, plus the cost of any extras for hair styling. You should also ask what format the photographs will be produced in- digital or hard copy. And, you’ll definitely need to know who will own the rights for the pictures. 
Not only actors can benefit from a good head shot. With more and more business being done over the internet, business people may do well to have a professional portraits online. 
Therefore, carefully choosing a photographer for your head shots is something that must be taken seriously. 
Insight Photography are specialists in producing head shots for actors and entertainers as well as other portrait photography. 
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