About 6 years ago, I was asked if I could provide time lapse services for a client that were about to build a new factory. 
I said ‘Of Course’ - knowing inside that I didn’t have the first ‘Scooby Doo’ about what I was taking on or how hard to would be to achieve the client’s vision! 
As I looked into the time lapse industry at that time, there were really only 2 equipment options - (1) cheap but rubbish (2) expensive but very excellent. There were few choices in the middle ground - although I did find a Canadian product that was based around Gro Pro Cameras that promised the quality I was looking for with a price that I could make work. 
That first project was a DISASTER - I ain’t gonna lie! The construction project I was working on was about 45 minutes away from home and presented many problems and I must have made 7 or 8 extra trips to site to correct problems with the hardware I had invested in - my profit was eaten up after the 3rd trip - I obviously had a lot to learn - time lapse was not as easy as I thought it might be! 
Fast forward 6 years and I have come a long way! I now regularly have 5-6 projects running at the same time and I have found a product that in opinion is the best in the business for the place that it sits in the market. 
I work with a French time lapse camera called ‘Tikee’ - by a company called Enlaps. The original version of the camera was funded and developed by a successful Kickstarter round and we are now at the third iteration of the tech. 
This camera system is AWESOME - 2 x 4K camera images are stitched together in the cloud to create a 220 degree panoramic image like the one below - the field of view is all encompassing for just about any construction site and because the image created by the stitch is so big, we have great options in post production to zoom in and use smaller parts of the frame in motion animation. 
I love this system so much and have made a significant investment into their ecosystem - I really do believe it is the best solution at the price point that gives me the ability to offer cost effective solutions to my clients. 
The system is extremely feature rich and as part of their continual development of the platform, Enlaps have rolled out a number of advanced AI-based features that are really exciting for my construction clients which include:- 
1. AI-based PPE validation 
2. AI-based GDPR Compliant Face-blurring 
3. AI-based object detection - plant equipment/private vehicles etc 
All of these features port into a feature rich dashboard to provide actionable information for project managers - it really is a very exciting platform - the dashboard even ports into popular BIM application- ‘Procore’! 
Recently I was asked by Enlaps to become one of their ‘Partners’ and was very happy to accept! As an enterprise partner, I not only the honour of representing the Enlaps brand but as important - I get access to a heap of product/platform advantages that allow me to pass on some very exciting cost advantages to my clients. 
It’s such an exciting time for my business - time lapse has become a really important part of my content offering and my construction/civils clients love the fact I am able to add drone/photography/videography and 360 VR alongside the time lapse footage I create to films that SELL!  
Here’s an example of a recent project I time lapsed for a long standing client who work in the concrete floor space. 

Get in touch 

We’d love to talk to you about how time lapse might help your next construction or civils project - we integrate with you at a partnership level and guarantee you will be blown away with our communication and commitment to getting the job done right! 
Drop us a line and we will do the rest! 
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