The Tower of London and Insight Commercial Photography 
We had the pleasure of taking stunning Tower of London photos! It involved us travelling to London to capture some incredible images on the Tower. We photographed the installation of new glass observation flooring in the upper walkways. 
We love projects like this because we got to go on a classic Insight road-trip and we love a road-trip! Insight partnered up with Barksy Media to document this story. Barksy are a set of incredibly talented filmmakers. They specialise in creating compelling moving images for TV, corporate events and PR. Barksy brought us in to capture exciting stills of the day. 
So, what was involved? 
Insight Photography captured the installation of the new glass floor attraction at the Tower Bridge. This new walkway allows the public to get exceptional views. You can see the bridge below you, moving traffic and the opening of the bridge for passing boats. It was amazing to be able to work with and on one of the UK’s most iconic landmarks. 
How did this benefit everyone? 
The work produced from the day was sent to national media to promote the opening of the new glass walk-way. This coverage was great for everyone involved. It shows how businesses can work together to produce something great. The engineering of the glass was designed and installed by Saint Gobain. Saint Gobain which is one of the oldest manufacturing companies in the world. This year marked their 350th anniversary! 
What did Insight do? 
We worked closely with both Barksy and the 2 project participants. Together, we planned a scheme of photography around very tight deadlines. The glass had to be floated on a barge down the Thames and hoisted into position onto the Tower Bridge. Yes, you are right to imagine a classic chuckle brothers ‘to me, to you’ moment! 
We always love taking on a challenge at Insight Photography. It’s safe to say that capturing large sections of moving glass onto an 800 foot bridge isn’t easy! But we made it happen. We know the importance of commercial photography. Our photography gives you the results you expect on time and on budget. 
Insight’s photography illustrates excellence in what a business does. We show the best in each business we work with and always deliver to produce an outstanding product at the end. Our pictures help to drive sales. Our aim to solve your problems and reach your needs through commercial photography. This project shows just how that happens. 
Collaborative success 
This project is a great example of business collaboration for commercial success. Collaborative efforts can create amazing PR stories to celebrate success. Our Tower of London photos have been incredibly successful. They featured in press releases and promotional material for the Tower of London. 
"Barksy are a company whose focus is on quality visual content that essentially tells stories, hooks audiences and encourages discussion. We strive for the best in everything that we do. This is why we turned to Insight photography. They are 100% committed to every job they do and always deliver to brief and more. 
I was staggered by the imagery captured during our job on the Tower Bridge. Then surpassed my clients expectations. Insight Photography are much more than just photographers. They are masters in being able to bring any event to life….to find that emotive hook, angle or story that grips and moves people. Essentially, they make us look good!" 
Rob Barker 
Owner and Producer of Barksy Media 

Find out more 

You’ve seen how we helped the Tower of London Bridge, Barksey Media and St Gobain all in one project here. If you think we can benefit you and make your story a success with commercial photography, get in touch. You’ll discover exactly what we can do for you and your business! 
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