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Rudstone-Walk-Wedding-Photography_0001Yorkshire Wedding Photographer at Rudstone Walk, East Yorkshire – I met Ryan and Rachael at a wedding fayre about 18 months ago and when they booked me to cover their wedding day, I was really happy – not just because they’re a great looking couple, not because they chose a great venue – but because THEY’RE GEORDIES!  I’ve never met a Geordie I didn’t like and every Geordie I’ve met has had a wicked sense of humour so I knew we were in for a great day!

Rudstone-Walk-Wedding-Photography_0002Rachael is a teacher and Ryan works for the Hull City AFC Academy so their professional lives brought them to the East Riding from their native North East and they have settled in the gorgeous little village of North Newbald.  They chose one of my fave venues to host their big day at – Rudstone Walk – just down the road from where I live so easy peasy all way around for travel arrangements.  You may remember I wrote about fab wedding their just recently in this post.

Rudstone-Walk-Wedding-Photography_0003I started the day early with Ryan and the boys who were enjoying their morning as they prepared together.  Ryan’s brother lives and works in Barcelona and with the rest of his boys located up in Newcastle, he was loving ‘just being’ with his groomsmen and the 2 dads.  Bringing people together – that’s one of the things I love so much about weddings and when people live far apart, it’s even stronger.  It was obvious that this group of men had a very strong connection.

Rudstone-Walk-Wedding-Photography_0004We got some great prep shots inside Rudstone Walk and then put 2 fingers up to Mother Nature (she’d joked that it was going rain) and got ourselves out and about to enjoy some casual boys’ group shots with Rudstone’s amazing landscape views over the East Yorkshire Wolds in the background.

Rudstone-Walk-Wedding-Photography_0005We left Ryan and his crew behind and made our way down to the Bride and Groom’s house where we found a VERY relaxed bride enjoying an almost horizontal approach to bridal preps.  My oh my was rachael EVER taking everything in her stride – zero stress, zero fuss!  We had a great time photographing her and her girls getting ready – the champagne flowed and the giggles began!

Rudstone-Walk-Wedding-Photography_0006Seeing Rachael’s dad’s face when she made her way down the stairs in her gown was so humbling.  His emotional reaction was beautiful to witness – and we gave him and his daughter that ‘space’ they needed to enjoy that moment together.  Once we’d photographed the usual groupings, Rachael’s horse-drawn carriage arrived and it was off to the starting line for the main event.

Rudstone-Walk-Wedding-Photography_0007The wedding was held at North Newbald’s St Nicholas’ church by the very eccentric Revd and his team of equally eccentric support staff (think Royston Vasey and you won’t be far wrong!) It’s a very intimate church, quite possibly caught in a time-warp which leant itself to a certain charm which has to be experienced to be understood!

Rudstone-Walk-Wedding-Photography_0008Once the wedding ceremony was concluded, we headed off to Rudstone Walk and waited for the bride and groom to trot up.  They were received like celebrities when they arrived and the Geordie Paparazzi team were out in full force!  Group shots were taken with our usual speed and fun and I think we may have broken the land speed record on this particular day – never keep a man from Newcastle away from easy reach of the bar and you will surely be right!

Rudstone-Walk-Wedding-Photography_0009As guests were invited to take their seats in the dining room (which had been decorated so expertly by Liz Ewing at Style my Venue), I took Ryan and Rachael for a quick tour of the excellent variety of ‘looks’ that Rudstone Walk offers up and created some lovely portraits for them.

Rudstone-Walk-Wedding-Photography_0010Dinner was served and then speeches were delivered – Ryan’s 2 Best Men tag teamed their verbal assault that only best men can get away with.  Rachael’s Dad gave his heartfelt thanks to everyone and once again, made his daughter cry – not because she was upset – just because Dad’s can say ‘that one thing’ on a wedding day and the emotions barrel over – it was lovely to see 2 such close families sharing these moments together.

Rudstone-Walk-Wedding-Photography_0011Once coffee had finished, the room was retired and then turned around for the night do.  Guests made their way out onto Rudstone Walk’s patio which gives the most stunning vantage points for sunsets and Mother Nature delivered in spades!

Rudstone-Walk-Wedding-Photography_0012Cake cut and first dance was followed by dancing into the wee hours of the morning and a fab night was had by all.  I bumped into the wedding party the next day in my local pub as they enjoyed a few lunchtime ‘medicinals’ and caught up with stories of what had happened after we left and it was all about the laughs.

Rudstone-Walk-Wedding-Photography_0013This was a great wedding to photograph and I’m really looking forward to catching up with Rachael and Ryan when they return from their honeymoon in Santorini, Italy.

Rudstone-Walk-Wedding-Photography_0014If you’d enjoyed this ‘Insight’ into how we cover weddings and are looking for a wedding photographer yourself, head over to my website to find out more about how we might be able to help you on YOUR big day!

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