More and more businesses are using Virtual Tours to showcase their premises to new and potential customers. Virtual tours are often used to showcase houses, offices and different businesses from retailers to clinics. However, an often-overlooked industry where virtual tours can offer a lot of value for businesses is within the construction industry. 
Whilst virtual tours of houses and retailers may appeal to a wider audience, 360 photography for construction businesses has a number of important benefits which we will explore below. 


Virtual tours – or 360 photography – can help construction companies comply with relevant contractual documentation and obligations. An in-depth visual view of construction progress for example may reduce risk for companies if any claims should arise with virtual tours increasingly becoming an important part of visual construction documentation. 360-photography can also be flexible and tailored to the specific needs of each company and adapting to each unique construction site for the best possible experience. 


A bespoke virtual tour can help any business improve and maximise their marketing efforts. A virtual tour can help a business to engage with their customers more effectively, even in the B2B space this is important to do and the visual nature of 360 photography can help bring your construction project or site to life. A virtual tour can help boost your visibility in Google, not only getting your business in front of more people but helping with visibility on a project by project basis for many construction and building companies. 


Virtual tours can also help with sales. If a house builder is in the process of constructing on a new plot of land, a virtual tour could allow potential customers to view and ‘walk’ the site from the comfort of their home. Once a development is completed, virtual tours can enhance the buying experience for customers by allowing people inside their potential new home. Not only is this proven to increase viewings, but with only 8% of listings on Zoopla having a virtual tour, it also allows businesses to stand out from the competition in a competitive market. 
Warehousing and logistics companies also use virtual tour photography to promote and sell their sites to new tenants. By including 360 photography, companies can showcase their real estate to potential customers in an engaging way and allowing potential tenants to visualise how to make use of the space as effectively as possible. Not only is this a better experience for potential business customers, but it also helps to pre-qualify enquiries as people have a much better understanding of available spaces before getting in touch, often making enquiries more valuable. 
At Insight Photography, we have worked with many construction clients across Yorkshire and the wider UK. 
We’ve worked with multi-national construction companies and smaller, family owned businesses to help them utilise virtual tours in the best possible way for them. If you would like an informal chat about how we might be able to help you, please get in touch
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