On Your Wedding Day

I begin your coverage early with the bride and groom’s preparations and I stay with you until at least 9pm so I can capture your cake cut and first dance. If you are having fireworks, I’m sure you’ll be able to persuade me to stay!

I spend the whole day with you to capture every nuance and detail of your dream wedding.

East Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

The Boys’ Preparation

We always like to start with the the boys on a wedding day, we’ve already got to know your groom through our meet-ups and preps but we probably won’t know the rest of ‘The Wolf pack’!  We do a lot to help and we do this willingly and with love – we just love to look after people when they need us.  Whether it’s helping with a Double-Windsor or fixing the button-hole flowers, we’re happy to do as much or as little as he needs!  We always have a great time with the boys – from sweatpants to tuxedo, once we leave, the boys will look their best and feel great after our signature style of mens’ photography.

Bridal Preparations

Bridal preps are a whole different story to the boys!  The champagne is flowing, the smell of perfume and hairspray fills the air and you look around the room watching as your bridesmaids help you bring everything together as you make your final preparations for the day that you have planned for so long!  Excitement, nervousness, giggles, giddiness – you’re feeling all these things and we help to capture all of these emotions with a quiet and helpful approach.  We do everything we can to keep the schedule on time – without you realising we have done a thing!  From seeing the girls in their dresses for the first time to you appearing in your gorgeous gown – we’re sure you won’t be able to contain yourself – our images will capture your story as it happens.

East Yorkshire Wedding Photographer
Hull Wedding Photographer

The Wedding Service

Whether you’re getting married in a church, having a civil ceremony in a beautiful hotel or a personal service in a wheat field – this is the main event!  We cover your service as 2 photographers from 2 very different perspectives and sometimes even rig remotely controlled cameras if there’s a cool angle from a balcony to be had!  We always try to speak to your vicar/celebrant ahead to understand what we are allowed to do and have great relationships based on our courteous approach and good manners.  Where possible/necessary, we will attend your wedding rehearshal too!

Penny Drop Session

The wedding’s done and dusted, we’ve taken care of your family group photos – you’ve had fizz and canapes…it’s now your turn to spend some quality time with each other!  We call this time ‘The Penny Drop Session’.  A time for you to just be together, away from the throng and din of all the excitement going on – a time to call your own.  We suggest 15 minutes before your wedding meal and perhaps 15 minutes after as a maximum that we would want to create our signature style of editorial images. From relaxed, unposed images to more classically lit ‘epic’ style images, we will create a set of pictures that will remind you EXACTLY how you felt on your big day!

Get in Touch

We hope you like our style, ethos and approach – if you like what you see then perhaps you might be interested in us working together on your big day!  We’d be delighted to send you our full package details and some other resources to help you understand EXACTLY how our packages work for you.