We work with all kinds of educational institutions to produce banks of images that perfectly fit their ethos, heritage, style and approach to engaging the public. From small primary schools and bustling secondary schools to colleges, academies, training centres, special schools and university campuses, we’re confident with working across the entirety of the education sector. 


One of the key purposes of photography for schools, colleges and universities is attracting young people and their parents to your facilities. From showcasing your wide range of learning environments to celebrating the sense of community, collaboration and expression that are at the heart of your curriculum, we know how to capture all of your core messages on camera. Colleges and universities in particular need to be more competitive than ever before when it comes to advertising, which is why we’re here to help you decide the kinds of shots that are most likely to encourage young people to sign up to your courses. 


What would a school, college or university be without outstanding teachers, tutors and lecturers? With so many options available out there, you need to show talented teaching professionals why your academic organisation is the place to be. Aside from a wide range of images depicting your learning environments, libraries and resources, we can also photograph social spaces such as eateries, sports facilities, green areas and cultural events. 
This variety of visual content is guaranteed to draw attention and help you to recruit the very best educators from near and far. 


Our education photography service can also be used as a means of showing the world just how fun, modern, innovative and forward-thinking your institution can be. From school plays and public lectures to fundraising events, diversity and inclusion celebrations, community litter-picks, sports matches, environmental initiatives, music sessions and much more, we know exactly how to take vibrant images of your exciting activities without hampering the flow. 


We understand that academic environments are very different from corporate buildings, as the safeguarding of children, GDPR and confidentiality all come into play. That’s why we’re sure you’ll be pleased to hear that we’re highly experienced at delivering photoshoots at all types of educational facilities and can work precisely in line with your requirements and preferences. Our top priority is to take images that do you proud whilst following all guidelines and rules that apply to your premises. In doing so, we make education photography a smooth, enjoyable and efficient process and the results can be quite spectacular. 


Are you interested in fantastic images that can be used across your prospectuses, website, social media channels, PR activity and more? Give us a call on 0800 542 0611 or fill in our contact form
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