It goes without saying that if you sell products, you need to show people what they’re buying. However, there’s an enormous difference between a quickly taken snap and a vibrant, professional and engaging set of images that are designed to grab attention and visually explain what the product offers. We very much offer the latter, as our product photography service helps all kinds of retailers and entrepreneurs to sell more items to new and returning customers alike. 


The age-old expression that less is more doesn’t apply to product photography, especially when selling online. Showing your product from different angles is an excellent method of drawing the viewer in further and further, ultimately leading to a purchase. In order to create a variety of shots for the same product, we take different approaches. For instance, the product can be photographed as a close-up against a white backdrop to bring out its finer details, which is then complemented by images of it in use. This could involve luxurious lifestyle photography and creative pack shots that spark an emotional connection in the viewer. Taking shots from different perspectives is also a good idea, as it gives a greater feel of the product’s size, shape and feel. 


We make product photography very easy for our clients, as we can either carry out the photoshoot in our professional studio, on your premises, outdoors or a combination of all three. 
Our studio is fully equipped with backdrops, lighting and other photographic setups that allow for outstanding images, but we’re also never afraid to be adventurous and bring a photoshoot to any kind of location you have in mind. 


Selling products can be hard work, especially with so much noise and competition in the way. There’s also the fact that people’s attention spans are continually shrinking, which means that your products need to leap off the page or screen and entice the viewer in an instant. 
Thanks to our creative flair, attention to detail and expert composition, we’ll ensure that your product photography portfolio is second to none and ready to turn heads. This allows you to use it effectively in a variety of ways, such as for your website, online stores, social media channels, email campaigns, newspaper and magazine advertising, glossy brochures, pay-per-click campaigns, in-store signage and even large-scale promotional sites such as billboards. 


Whilst we’re sure your products already look incredible, it’s amazing what some expert digital retouching can do for your promotional materials. Before we send you your shots, we put them through a meticulous editing process so that they’re 100% pristine, highly polished and ready to go online or be sent to the printers. 


We love capturing all kinds of products on camera, from jewellery, food, technology and clothing to furniture, vehicles, white goods and manufacturing supplies. To find out more, give us a call on 0800 542 0611 or fill in our contact form
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