Who owns the copyright to the photographs Insight Photography create for us? 

When you commission Insight Photography to create original work for you, we generally grant what is known as a ‘licence’ for you to use the images. The creator of an original image will always be the principal copyright holder. 
Our licence allows use by the first/original licensee only – usually the business/entity that pays the invoice for the work. Our licence does not permit distribution without prior arrangements being made – this can be concluded quickly and easily by agreement on additional licences. 

Can I let a third party use the images you create for us? 

When you hire Insight Photography to create original work for you, we grant you and you only a licence to use the work for your own purposes. The work cannot be shared/distributed to suppliers/customers or organisations without agreement with the copyright holder in advance. 
Of course, if it’s desired or necessary for you to distribute the images we can arrange a simple licence extension to cover this situation off for you – no problem! 

How do we pay for the work we do for you? 

Once Insight Photography has delivered the work agreed under the brief and service arrangements and they have been signed off, we would then issue our invoice. We ask for our services to be paid for within 14 days of the issuing of the invoice. This may be shorter terms than you might be used to, but we appreciate our client’s co-operation with these terms as it allows our little business to continue to thrive and survive and be as agile as possible! 

Will you do a site visit before a shoot with us? 

Whenever possible, we will always visit your site/office/location before we capture your content. This way we can identify the most appropriate locations to make images and further develop the brief that you would like us to capture.  
The other true benefit of a site visit is our ability to be ‘seen’ by staff before we return and to begin the process of building rapport – it’s important that your people feel comfortable and ‘looked after’ when we are working with them – nobody likes ‘photo day’ but our job is to make things as enjoyable as possible for your valued team 

Are you insured? 

Simple answer- yes! We are fully insured. We have public liability of £5,000,000 and professional indemnity of £100,000 for general photography/videography work. We also have specific insurance for commercial drone operations which gives us £1,000,000 of public liability insurance. 

What is a brief and will you help us with that? 

When we begin our conversation about how we can help you best, we take lots of notes! Once we’ve been through the initial exploration of your requirement, we would then ask for a written brief. The brief helps define the shoot – it sets out objectives and notes essential shots that must be captured. The brief will give details of location, resources, timings – really anything that is going to help our shoot be as successful as it can possibly be. 
If you haven’t written a brief before – don’t worry – we will help bring that together and can supply templates to make the process as easy as possible. 
Not every assignment requires a written brief, but when it does, we are there to help! 

Do you do studio photography? 

Yes we do! Our fully equipped studio in Hessle, East Yorkshire is perfect for capturing headshots and product photography. We make the best use of the space with our ‘high glide’ lighting management system. 
You’re more than welcome to come to our studio for your shoot but equally, it may be way more convenient for us to bring the studio to you – we’ll discuss this as we are working up a brief. 

Are you able to help us create physical products from your images? 

We can help you realise a whole range of different ways to present images in your workplace. Framed images, acrylic panels, canvasses – prints – they are all available and we would be happy to discuss ways in which you can work with your image resources to get the very best out of them. 

Do you do videography - we don’t see it on your website? 

We are not dedicated videographers, but we are able to provide some basic videography services such as capturing interviews/testimonials and also videoing simple events. 
When clients have requirements that are outside of our skillset, we bring in our partners who specialise in videography, but we would project manage the whole production for you – we’ve got you covered. 

How much do you charge? 

Our fees are designed to be as transparent as possible and are based on rates recommended by the National Union of Journalists, we have discounted our fees based on our location in the North East. 
Full Day - £750 
Half Day - £450 
Hourly - £175 
We include basic file preparation in our fees (please note this is not retouching, please see our other questions for explanation) and travel up to 25 miles from base. Any travel more than 25 miles is charged at £0.49 per mile. 

How long does it take to get our images after a shoot? 

We don’t like to hang around when it comes to file delivery! We will let you know expected delivery once we have finished shooting the project. Our post production times very rarely go over 48 to 72 hours but dependent upon the complexity of the work, it may sometimes be longer. 
We pride ourselves in our communication and relationship with our clients so we will always keep you in the loop. 

Do you do retouching? 

Of course! We have been using Adobe Photoshop for the best part of 20 years and can achieve a broad range of outcomes in postproduction. Every job includes basic file preparation – i.e. exposure, white balance, highlights, shadows and clarity – please note this is NOT retouching. 
Retouching addresses specific issues which may be present with scenes or products eg. Tooling marks present on a product container need removing, old logos need swapping on a vehicle, skin imperfections/blemishes removed etc. 
Retouching is generally something which is discussed after a shoot and may add fees to your assignment. We are very transparent about our retouching fees and will always agree them with you before going ahead 

How do you deliver our images? 

Beautifully – it’s as simple as that! We use a very elegant client management system that looks great both on screen, tablet or mobile device. The system allows easy interaction and downloading of your assets from wherever you are. Files can be downloaded in multiple sizes for maximum convenience and favourite lists put together to help your marketing team work with your favourites. 

How far do you travel? 

We work locally, regionally and nationally. Never afraid to travel for the right content, we will always advise most efficient way to achieve your project and we try to minimise travel costs as much as possible. In fact, we love to travel – driving in a car for 8 hours gives us the ability to listen to approximately 10 full albums just how the artists wanted us to hear them – front to back! 
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