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Andy Crozier hull Wedding photographer

As a specialist in Hull and East Yorkshire wedding photography, I’m in no doubt about what motivates my work behind the camera:

My passion for people is what encourages my approach to wedding, commercial and headshot photography. I capture the richness of life’s experience with a simple and comfortable approach, always making my clients feel at ease and at their best.

My desire to be the best that I can be at what I do keeps me continually pushing my training and development forward and I regularly travel overseas to attend seminars and conferences.

Originally from East Yorkshire, I lived and worked as a photographer in the US and Canada during the past 10 years and I’m now based in the village of Melton, East Yorkshire – about 10 miles outside of Hull.

“Being with and photographing people is what drives me most. Seeing and perceiving beyond the normal is the foundation of my visual process – creating excellence is everything that I do.”

Andrew Crozier

About Hannah

Hannah is Insight’s Assistant Photographer and joined us in 2012 straight from achieving a distinction in photography at Hull College.

She lives and breathes her craft and is our studio brand’s – Tummy To Toddlers’ – principal photographer. She is a specialist in maternity, newborn babies and young children. Her child-like nature allows her to deeply connect with your kids and the bond she creates brings out their best in the photo studio. Hannah is fully trained in the safe handling of babies and always puts your needs as a family first. She loves working with children and is super talented.

Hannah is happiest with a camera in her hand and when she’s not making tea at the studio!


Hannah Assistant Photographer Hull

I only ever wanted to be a photographer, from an early age I set my sights on it.  6 years into my career, I love the thrill of making timeless images and looking after our clients, i still get goosebumps now – I’ve got the best job in the world!  What’s not to like about making people happy!

Hannah Carter


Insight’s History

I’m really  proud of  our business, where we have come from and how we got started in the photography industry and have always considered it a nice story to tell!

It all started over 15 years ago, living in Canada and wondering how I could turn my passion for photography into something a bit more permanent.  I was a school teacher at the time, teaching business studies to high school students after having spent the previous 10 years working in the hospitality industry for the likes of Walt Disney down in Orlando and then Planet Hollywood up in Niagara Falls and a number of other prestigious hotels and restaurants.

I loved working with people and I loved shooting pictures in my spare time but the thought of actually having photography as a career seemed like a pipe dream!

I relocated to British Columbia from Ontario, Canada in 2002 and the plan was to continue teaching.  I’d found myself in the beautiful mountain resort of Whistler, high up in the mountains and I really though I’d arrived in paradise.  Little did I know that life was soon to change forever…As I waited for my teaching licence to arrive, I needed a job to tide me over so went for an interview in a swanky mountain restaurant up on the ski hill.  As I sat waiting to be seen, I was reading a local listings magazine that had a jobs section…..and then, as if by magic – BOOM!  A listing for a photography position with the ski company came into focus – I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and I immediately called the number.  To my absolute amazement, I was called for an interview the next day and fast forward 48 hours – I had secured my first position as a professional photographer, working high up in the mountain range, riding a snowboard every day and documenting families as they enjoyed their ski holiday.

Hull Portrait Photography
Hull Portrait Photography
Hull Portrait Photography
Hull Portrait Photography

I worked in the mountains for 2 years until it was time to move on to broadening my photographic experiences, I’d heard that Montreal had an exceptional photographic scene and I was ready for a new challenge so I packed up all my stuff and headed for a French speaking town where I knew nobody!

It took me a little while but after knocking on studio doors for a few weeks, I had managed to secure assisting positions with 3 of Montreal’s best wedding/social photographers and my journey as a wedding specialist began.  I spent the next 4 years working between the 3 studios and also shooting my own clients under the brand ‘Hullabaloo’ – a distinct hat tip to my spiritual home back in East Yorkshire!

Little did I know that the universe would turn for me again and I would find myself back in the East Riding in 2005 to visit the family – I had no intention of doing anything else but stay for a couple of months to ride out the biting Montreal Winter – 12 years on, I’m still here and Insight is one of the region’s busiest wedding, portrait and commercial studios!

We’ve always been very proud of our values as a photography business.  It’s always been about our clients, we point all of our efforts and our energies towards giving the couples, families and businesses we look after the very best experience and service that we can – that will NEVER change.

Andy Crozier

Hull Portrait Photography
Hull Portrait Photography
Hull Portrait Photography
Hull Portrait Photography

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