To demonstrate insight’s ‘Swiss Army knife’ approach to content creation 
Photography | Drone | Time Lapse | 360 Virtual Tour 
12 Weeks 


Quickline Storage specialise in warehouse storage, pallet racking, mezzanine floors and warehouse automation systems. 
The company has had several case studies created for them over the years to help demonstrate their core competences and unique offering but always felt like there was something missing in the final content produced. 
Insight had the opportunity to discuss this with Adam Jagger, MD of Quickline and quickly began to understand how a Swiss Army knife approach could really elevate a case study for the firm and lift their content above and beyond what their competitors were showing. 
Insight suggested a multi content approach to documenting the project that would create a broad suite of content. This content would not only be used within the case study but would also be perfect for re-purposing as ‘micro content’ to feed their ever hungry website and social media presence going forward. 
Insight prepared a proposal which was quickly signed off and we got to work documenting the project. 


As the project kicked off, Insight attended site in Irlam, Manchester to install an autonomous time lapse system that would capture 1 image every 2 minutes for the duration of the project. The team at Quickline benefited from the in-built remote dashboard that our 4G systems offer - which enabled ‘check ins’ on the project from head office 24/7 without the need to drive to site - a well received side benefit of our time lapse systems throughout the duration of there project. 
During this first visit we also captured some general stills photography, flew our drone around the site and captured some 360 VR images to build into the case study at a later date. 


Around 5 weeks into the construction of the racking system, we returned to site to document the process that Quickline go through to install the systems that they are market leaders in. There were lots of processes going on at this stage which we captured to use as ‘B-Roll’ and ‘cut aways’ to support the narrative of the main case study but again, we captured lots of detail that would make great web page ‘fillers’ and backgrounds to add to Quickline’s content library. Our experience with indoor drone flight was tested to the max as we flew in close proximity to lifting gear and operatives to document the build but after countless safe indoor flights - we were able to get some stunning shots. 


As the project came to a close, we returned to site to capture the final content package to wrap the case study up into its final delivery. We used our 360 VR capabilities to scan the finished project which allowed us to build a 360 VR ‘model’ of the finished installation. This model is used by Quickline’s sales team to demonstrate racking options over Zoom calls but also sits on their website as a very modern piece of marketing collateral. The main thrust of the final visit was to interview the operations manager of the warehouse who would ultimately be the end user of Quickline’s scheme. We used our experience to quickly build rapport with the interviewee and helped guide him to feel really comfortable in front of the camera - we know how daunting being in front of the camera can be! 


Once we had all of the footage back from the time lapse camera, drone, VR 360 and interviews, we were able to start building 2 versions of a case study for our client. 1 long version which included the full interview and designed to live on a dedicated ‘case study’ page on the company’s website. We also produced a social media ’sting’ video - we used a much more dynamic edit style with quicker cuts and animated info call outs to help get the message for the project across in a much quicker way - this has been used on LinkedIn and blogs to great effect. 


As part of our usual quality process, we asked Gawie Van Nierkerk, Head of Operations for some feedback on the Irlam case study and we were delighted to hear the following from him:- 
"Andy and his team at insight have really helped us catapult our marketing presence to the next level. From our first meeting, we knew we were in good hands but Insight’s service level has exceeded our expectations. From their flexibility and willingness to go the extra miles (literally) to get the job done and infinite patience when projects overrun - we have been really delighted. The VR models Insight produced have been key in allowing us to show geographically dispersed clients examples of our work through remote presentations and has helped keep our pipelines full - particularly through the pandemic. Attention to detail, excellent communications and ultimately - very creative work are just 3 of the reasons we will continue to work with Insight photography." 


If you are looking to elevate your next project into a fantastic case study, Insight would be delighted to find out more about how we could get involved - please get in touch for a chat and hopefully a cuppa will result! To find out more, give us a call on 0800 542 0611 or fill in our contact form
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