Attention restaurant owners! We know choosing the right images to represent you can be difficult. But, getting it right can is vital to your success. Here are just 5 reasons why professional food photography is so important for your business. 
Is there really any better feeling than when the food you’ve ordered (and have been craving all week) arrives at your table in the restaurant? Yes! The feeling of being amazed when it is does arrive, because it looks even more delicious than you imagined! 
Obviously, when it comes to food our taste buds are the ultimate test, but there is something about us humans that makes us judge things by appearance. We tell ourselves not to judge a book by its cover, but of course we all do – at least a little bit. When it comes to what we eat, we all totally judge food on how tasty it looks. Even the world’s best tasting dish made with exceptional amounts of effort and care wouldn’t be popular if it looked like it had been pulled out last week’s rubbish and plunked on the nearest plate. 
So, why is professional food photography so important? 
1. Insta-food! 
Social media wins again. It is becoming more and more of a regular thing for people to take a picture of their breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks and post them online. Why? Because we want to share a delicious meal with our friends and remember it forever. 
There is something incredibly satisfying about seeing food. We can’t help but scroll past our news feed without an ‘ooooh that looks nice.’ Restaurants, cafés and bars are now openly encouraging this. Some even create their own #hashtags. This lets them see what their customers have posted about their experience so they can interact with them and share their feedback. 
2. Sell Sell Sell 
This seems really obvious doesn’t it? But, having professional food photography on your website and menu should be a true reflection of what your restaurant offers. Having your food photography, along with images from real customers’ social media means your audience is able to compare the two. They’ll see that your images aren’t just for show. New customers can see your pictures are a true reflection of what you are all about. You are selling your menu without even trying to with fantastic photography. 
3. Personality 
Professional food photography is one of the most difficult to shoot. It is all about making food look exciting. Food doesn’t move, you can’t tell it to look to the left a little bit or to give us a cheeky smile. It just sits there. Our job is put personality and excitement into the image to make it jump off the plate (not literally). 
4. Flavour 
Okay, so you can’t taste a dish just by looking at it. However, professional food photography can be used to show flavour in the dish just from the image. For example, a salad that tastes crisp, fresh and light with a drizzle of herb dressing can be shown by creating a crystal clear image with effective lightening to show the right amount of ‘crunch’ in the salad. It will allow the viewer to imagine biting into it and tasting the fresh lettuce leaves and crunchiness of the garlic croutons. Mmmm… 
5. Setting the standard 
As mentioned in one of our previous blog, first impressions are vital. The food photography used on your menu, website and anywhere else are the first impression people will get before visiting you. This is your chance to show them why they should choose you over your foodie competition. 
Remember that feeling when your food is about to arrive at your table in the restaurant? It comes back when your audience looks at your images and thinks: “Wow, we gotta go there!”, “I must try that, it looks incredible!” or “Where is this place? It looks delicious!” 
With professional food photography, you can create the right impression. Your dishes will speak for themselves! 

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These guys did… 
You can check out some more of our work in action at Doddington Hall. We loved doing a project with them in April, they are such a wonderful and friendly team! 
Psst- The KP Club loved our work so much you can see our food photography images in their new brochure! Look out for images heading onto our Pinterest boards for The KP Club, it is a truly stunning place. 
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