Press release photography is the perfect way to share your exciting business news. 
We all know how exciting it is when you get some really great news or achieve something amazing. You feel so good about it that you want to whole world to know. You put it all over social media, text everyone in your phone book and tell everyone and anyone you see. 
Personal news is great to share like this, but what happens when your business has reached the milestone it’s been aiming for? A Facebook update doesn’t quite do justice for that. As the saying goes ‘Every image tells a story’ and Insight photography take this concept to a new level. 
This special piece of news is your chance to share your story, so make sure your press release photography you choose does it justice. You could achieve the best thing since sliced bread but if the photography doesn’t match up, the news instantly becomes a disappointment. Whatever your news may be, make sure you get it out to the world in an effective way. 
6 elements to successful press release photography 
A Press Release (like most stories) needs to include 6 key elements to tell everything about the news you’re sharing: 
Who? Who are the key players? You, your company, anyone else involved with the product? Who does your news affect/who does it benefit? 
What? What is the latest thing that you are telling us about? 
Why? Why is this important news — what does it provide that is different? 
Where? Where is this happening? Is location key to this news? 
When? What is the timing of this? How long has this taken? Does this add significance? 
How? How did this come about? 
All of these questions need to be answered when creating a good news piece. Insight takes all your answers and incorporates them into imagery. Insight Photography have worked with some fantastic companies and people to create exciting press release photography. We’re pleased to say we have delivered successfully each time. 
The Insight Photography promise 
Our photographers always listen to your story before undertaking a press release photo shoot. It’s really important that we do this to ensure the objective and message is delivered throughout. We aim to tell your story in every one of our images. 
If you’d like to find out more about how we can create compelling images to accompany your great news, get in touch here. We’d love to chat! 
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